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When reporting Wikipedia's status, include a description of what caused you to change the status report at the bottom of the page — people are often wrong about the cause of Wikipedia's technical problems, but tend to accurately report the symptoms.

If no one has reported on Wikipedia for a while, perhaps it has resumed normalcy (people are more likely to check Wikipedia Status when there's a problem than when things are running smoothly).

There may be a difference in the read speed according to the country from where you reach the English Wikipedia. From a country with a nearby squid cache the speed of reading a cached page will be higher than from a country where the request is routed to the servers in Florida.

Please note that even when an edit appears to have failed, and you see a message that the Wikipedia servers are not responding, the edit probably has been saved. Checking your recent edits (or the article history) in a second browser window will take some load off the servers caused by editors repeatedly trying to save the same edits, and will also reduce the edit conflicts (with your own previous edit) you may experience.

Please use Google search and other copies of Wikipedia content if you have problems.

For insight into problems, try visiting the Wikimedia Live Stats, the Wikimedia Grid Report, Wikitech-l Mailing List, Wikimedia network status, Wikimedia technical blog, and Server Admin Log. If you're wondering how Wikimedia uses its servers, check out Wikimedia Servers.

The IRC channel also offers useful information for unannounced outages. Try #wikipedia or #wikimedia-tech although the channels may be flooded during large outages.